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Communicate with the disbelievers who had converted to Islam

Jin reveals some of the mysteries of nature and the genie will shape our belief that the existence of supernatural nature can grow and make us realize that humans do not become the only intelligent beings on earth, certainly in the Islamic point of view. Please read the article below .. Author: Muhammad Isa Dawud Contents Introduction About Jin A few Muslims Must Still there a devil In This Age? Satan and the Ship of Light Vehicles, and not being Space (Alien) Extraterrestrials and Little Secrets about Exploring the Formosa Triangle Bermuda Triangle and the Devil About Leadership Magician David Copperfield supposition about the present collapse of ghosts / spirits wandering. Introduction In a book titled Hiwar Shahafiy Ma'a Jinni written by an expert Muslim spiritual nationality Saudi Arabia Muhammad Isa Daud. With an intermediary body, he has managed to have conversations with the Islamic religion djinn, and enshrine in a book. In conversation he tried prying information from him of the mysteries of the great among men, one of which is about the lies that have been successfully implanted by the Satanic to the hearts of mankind that the spirits of the dead sometimes bergantayangan in the world (against the schools' day of vengeance of the grave '). The other, which will be discussed here is the mystery of what / who the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) which is considered an alien came to earth. While even today there is no definite theory of the experts that there was indeed a planet in the universe inhabited by creatures other than humans. This has already become one of the special projects the FBI, CIA and NASA, which until now the results are still in the form of assumptions and theories while just about anyone actually being UFO's. There will also be parsed information from him about what exactly is stored in the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle that has removed some of the ships and aircraft. Until now the area is a scourge among human beings to pass through. A few About Jin Jin Such Muslims Muslim dialogue with the author is from Bombay, India. Previously he was the followers of other religions. 180 years old according to his confession. According reportedly after he converted to Islam, followed by about ten thousand Jin, who is the guards and escorts. Jin is a great leader, had influence and authority dikalangannya, in Bombay. With the effort spent energy, time and cost is not small, the authors finally invited him through the body of a man to end up doing a conversation with the captured and immortalized in a book. Is there still the Devil At This Age? (Some excerpts from the translation of the book) We all know who the creature that caused our ancestors kakeng Prophet Adam and his wife Eve were expelled from syurga by Allah SWT. 3.Adalah a completely new to this world, with the permission of Allah, contains many new findings are surprising, and yet another answer to the problems that had been puzzling scholars and intellectuals of the world, although very difficult to subdue it in scientific research. However, all this is mere truth, and truth is precisely what the writer wants the world handed to the Islamic world in particular and humanity as a whole, more specifically again to researchers who want to find answers to the problems that confuse it. With it the authors hope that they be free of confusion and no longer spend millions of dollars. Just to shoot through the satellite and destroy the places of mystery. Should no one among readers who think that the authors of this scientific prize handed with ease. For penulispun has spent substantial funds, to the maximum extent that can be provided to bring the Muslim Jin who always stay away from me during the hideout. Penulispun must sweat and brains in my discussions with him, because he was not willing to fulfill my invitation. He is really afraid of assassination attempts against him by Satan and his followers. Therefore, sometimes he pretended to fall asleep, as a tactic to avoid the enemy siege-musuhnnya. Finally, belief and my belief in God, too, who could convince him to see me. I also have to teach him faith, insisting that whoever fears Allah, Allah will make him afraid of everything. Meanwhile, people who do not fear God, then Allahpun will make him afraid of everything. I also assure him that wiles the devil has no meaning in nisbatnya with a Muslim who believes in Allah, whether he's Jin and humans. Then, suddenly there was the following dialogue: (the letter 'J' is Jin. While the 'P' is for the author) Q: "Have you ever seen the Devil?" Ask me A: "Once, once when I was a child, and several times when I was a teenager and before I embraced Islam. "4 P's:" For what you face the devil, and it was you were little? "A:" I'm not going to see of my own volition. But my father took me to see him, so he (Satan) gave his blessing to me. "Q:" May God curse him, and praise be to God who has endowed engaku with Islam. "A:" Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, I had converted to Islam ... P : "Tell me how to form" A: "The shape is yes, like a genie which I have said unto you. But God gives to him curse and to keturunanya a bad way, though he is bias manifest in any form. He has a very short tail, about 4-6 cm or less. Q: "Is the tail is generally shared by all the jinn, or simply to the Devil and his descendants alone?" A: "Thank God, only the devil and demons are the children and grandchildren have a tail like that. Looks like they are special creatures. While the genie, did not have a tail as you imagine. Tailed demons are not all cats or other animals, as has been described by humans. "Q:" How high? Is he really a high-major, as long as some people imagine it, or mediocre? "A:" Compared with humans, around one arm, yes, about 140 to 160 cm. However, he could embody itself in the form of higher and larger, up to ten meters ... "Q:" Does he have a house or a palace? "A:" The palace is very big, with millions of maids, bodyguards millions, and millions of demons, in addition to other palaces in many places. Similarly, the rulers who are placed in various central government is very spacious. "Q:" She also had a throne is not it? "A:" Yes, yes, "he answered mildly surprised. Q: "throne above the water, exactly the sea, really you?" (Again, my best friend's Muslim jinn amazed, even seemed to fear). I therefore continued my words: P: "You are Muslim jinn, O my brother, and a Muslim only fear God. Against a Muslim, Satan is not 5 find a way to bother him, for he was obedient to God. Kaupun I think so. "A:" Yes, this is so, thank God, I've managed to memorize the Quran in four months. Q: "if so, why should be afraid of Satan and his forces? With the protection of Allah, you are much more powerful than they ... "A:" Yes, yes, true. May God repay you for having taught me like this. Now I am more steady and confident ... "P:" One day, I've read the history of the followers Dhu'l-Qarnayn, which I suspect is a Macedonian and not mentioned in the Quran that once upon a time, in their journey, they reached somewhere a lot of water, and there was an island in the distance. They see a people-headed dog, fangs out of their mouths, just flames. The followers Dhu'l-Qarnayn get out and attack them. In the distance, they saw a very bright light, and turns out it was a palace made of crystal. Dhu'l-Qarnayn they intend to conquer and enter into the palace. However, Bahram, the philosopher, forbade him and told him that anyone entering the palace would have been asleep in it and will never get out again, and held captive by people who are in the palace. Some people never go to the palace whose contents are not known to anyone. And they fell asleep, never wake again. Is not that the palace of Satan? "A:" maybe, yes, "he replied," but also perhaps not. "Q:" Do you mean how? "A:" The devil has many palaces, he moved from one court to another court to set kerajaanya very large. Her daughter also has the largest palace and guards. While her children are male has a huge castle, such as those owned by government officials. From there they control the entire activity of their apostasy against humanity, the purpose of realizing the ideals of the devil which they regard as their Lord. "Q:" Well, then where the headquarters of the devil? "After hesitating for a moment, my friend jin answer: A: "There, dikedalaman ocean, as hinted at in his word God in the Quran, two seas, and later met. Between them is a barrier that is not exceeded by each (Arrahman: 20-21) 6 P: "Good friend, Do you mean is where the confluence with the ocean, or sea to sea?" He paused, then replied: A: "I mean, yes, as you say itu.1" P: "Exactly where?" urged me She paused and tried to avoid. Once again I taught him faith in Allah, then I launch my tembakantembakan which I base my research on a variety. Some of them I will argue here, and some others I will tell a later. Q: "Is the devil's headquarters is located in the Bermuda Triangle (Bermuda Triangle)? His eyes suddenly looked glazed, and then she pretended to sleep. He looked in the anxiety that I had never seen before. I urged him to say: Q: "Is not the devil forces and incarnation in human form, and his characters, both from the humans and jinn, is the party responsible for the loss of aircraft and marine kapalkapal entering the Bermuda Triangle area, two in particular when the first two verses mentioned by the Muslim Jin (Arrahman 18-20) asserts that the question is Barzakh that separates the two seas meet. The argument for that is the word of Allah is mentioned immediately after the second verse, which is both out of pearls and Marjan (Arrahman: 22) We know that the Pearl and Marjan just out of the sea, and not a river. 2 Dozens of planes and ships were missing in the Bermuda Triangle rimbanya unnoticed for several years. Most of the plane that was missing was a small planes of certain types. (A few years ago the world magician David Copperfield has managed to show a ship that disappeared in the region, but after it cut off again) Even though the planes were lost in an accident, but not lost the trail. In the case of the loss of the aircraft are indicators by human error, mechanical failure, bad weather, pilots and skippers are less capable. Meanwhile, the disappearance of small aircraft in an area so vast is an already perfectly natural. From the recorded conversation which successfully carried out previously, there remains the important things that are still mysterious, which is examined later but with results that are not clear. The aircraft Star Tiger, without any obvious causes, and without sending any signals, suddenly disappeared on January 30, 1948, on his way to Bermuda with 31 passengers. Captain aircraft (pilots) have ensured that they would be landing soon as reasonably designated place. Meanwhile, on December 28, 1948, a DC-3 aircraft with 35 passengers flying from Purtorico, and meninformasikan that he was at a distance of 80 km from south Miami, and after it disappeared not necessarily missing. On January 17, 1949 Star aircraft type with a plane area of ​​the Star Tiger was heading for the departure of its original place in Bermuda. Plane captain informed that the weather is very nice, and he will soon be in Jamaica soon. Unfortunately that goal is not reached, and he disappeared just like that. Perhaps more interesting than the disappearance of planes is just survival of a ship, but so far deviated from its original purpose. Mary Silhouet, name of ship, found in December 1972 was floating in the empty state. Sseorang passengers consisted of the pastor with a wife and a son, following 8 crewmembers. Everything vanished without a trace. 7 pilots and nakhodanya are people who do not have a "fortress" in the face of vicious attacks? Even if they survived a very rare and only an exception. Is not the devil often pretend to be someone who survived it just to make people unaware of their threats. To the extent that any of them consider that their ships or aircraft wind sucked the nipples beliung.3 This case is seen as the most interesting case of attention, mainly because the boat was found without communication equipment and rescue tools. Route which he passes is a New York-Geneva. Who was arrested last position before he disappeared is 2 miles west Azore Islands. But when Mary Silhouet discovered, he was close to Portugal, instead surrounding Bermuda. Although there are many theories put forward people for menginprestasikan this case, anyway nobody is able to uncover this mystery. Another case that had recorded the events experienced by the Ship Carol Darling. This ship approached the coast of North Carolina in January 1921, with no one but two passengers cats. Meanwhile, 12 crew disappeared without a trace. Similarly, all rescue equipment. No one can explain well why the crew left the ship just like that. The entire ship's machinery is still functioning properly, and other items should also be in place. A very interesting event is that, there is a ship's dining room table with leftover food that has not been appointed. It seems that something has happened suddenly. Even more bizarre than it is the disappearance of ships Houwitz at the same time and place. The U.S. government convinced for months that the ship was attacked the hijackers. Therefore, the obtained signs of the existence of unidentified persons who entered into the ship. The government rested his opinion on information provided by another ship that had seen Carol Darling and saw a man with a red head waving his hands on them. It is not known with certainty whether the man was one of the crew or not. Passengers also informs the foreign ship has seen another ship near Darling carol position. But they do not know for sure whether or not the ship Houwitz. Bermuda Triangle events other very interesting is the loss Syklob in March 1917, in conditions that really mysterious. The newspapers reported that maritime experts do not believe that the biggest ship in the ranks of the American fleet could be gone just like that. 3. From the mysterious Bermuda Triangle phenomenon, various imaginary scenarios. As with the events experienced by ships that had been presented earlier, then gambarangambaran given people about the Bermuda Triangle was really mysterious. For example it was events that happened later. Namely persitiwa happened the afternoon of February 27, 1935, when residents of the hotel beach Dytona and people who were sunbathing on the beach was struck by an airplane which flew low over them, and suddenly dived into the sea. The divers from the rescue teams were deployed, but they did not find any. But the people who were there confirmed that they actually witnessed the plane that crashed in the sea. However, the tracking still shows no signs of plane that crashed. In the fall of 1967, when the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth I sailed to Nassau, the two officers who were dianjungan witnessed a small plane that secretly and suddenly grabbed towards them and then fell into the sea. Queen Elizabeth I try to find the plane that crashed, but did not find any signs (ibid. p. 69-70) 8 Jin my Muslim friends were silent. from the look on his face I could catch that he vacillated between yes and doubting my opinion. Then he said, "Once upon a time, I'll reveal to you more than that ..." Customer: "No, but I'm the one who will reveal to the world, God willing, the secret of the Bermuda Triangle is full of mystery. You know that I know much about it. "A:" The issue is as you say it. "Q:" Actually what happened to the expedition-194, following subsequent expeditions, which has disrupted the Triangle Even more amazing is the effort made by experts in solving the mystery by suggesting a variety of fanciful interpretation, to the point that some of them have said that the Bermuda Triangle is an area elekromagnetik. Such a view interpret these events as a repetition of the interface re-peristiwaperistiwa that once took place in the region are due to the passage of time (Time Tunnel). That is, there is a radius in the region are able to repeat the events that occurred in the past. Or in Bermuda there is one place that if passed would place the transition time and place. Planes and ships, as passengers, passengers are still alive, but being in another place and time. Such a view also expressed by experts, and most notably the Ivan Sanderson. 4 In the area called the Bermuda Triangle, which for periods of later nicknamed the Tomb of the Atlantic, there is a bizarre story of a terrible, which is the catastrophe that befell the expedition undertaken by the Squadron to the 19 Americans, who if not for the events, Bermuda Triangle would not have known the whole world and will not be project specific investigation the FBI and CIA. On Thursday, in January 1945 five aircraft types TTB30 Finger departed from its base in Port Louderdile in the Florida area, the United States. The fifth plane was flying a routine mission in the rescue ships that sailed the seas. When the clock struck 15:15 pm, the mission is completed. At that time commander of the expedition of Charles Tylor Ltn Air, gave the command to return to base after successfully carrying out the task well. The five aircraft and even then immediately move into the base. Suddenly and unexpectedly came the first warning of danger. Control tower at Port Louderdile received a wire from the command of the expedition to the 19th Air Lieutenant Commander Tylor makes surprise Wersink responsible dimenara supervisors. Wire text reads, "Here Lieutenant Charles Tylor, commander of the expedition to the 19th, what could be arrested ...? Please answer ... We lost the instructions to come back ... we got lost ... I can not see land! I do not know the west ... that is all around me all messed up ... weird ... even the place I was now almost unknown to me ... it seems ... seems ... Suddenly a voice interrupted and kawatpun no sequel. Things were quiet and tense. While the officers who are supervisors Commander dimenara Wersink experiencing tremendous strain. Menitmenit after he received the wire, are the moments that are very hard for him. Before missing the tension that gripped him, he immediately made contact with the commander of the expedition to the 19. Finally, the accepted answer: "I do not know where I was. Looks like I'm lost Can be heard? Please answer ... "again interrupted the relationship. Commander Wersink immediately deploy Search and Rescue team who were under his command, and ordered the immediate rescue expedition to the 19. With full speed, combat aircraft departed with 13 Navy personnel are highly experienced in rescue tasks, to save the expedition. When the rescue team reached the intended place, it happened that had never suspected. It is not even 9 Bermuda, not the expeditions that first experience the mysterious fate itu.5 place would be imagined by anyone. Because when it is at moments so critical, the SAR team suddenly disappeared behind a mysterious mist without leaving the slightest trace, except for a silent sea, and everything ends up there. Sekuadron consisting of five aircraft with 14 crew, vanished, followed by the SAR team that consists of 13 highly experienced personnel in tasks such rescue. One pilot who was doing the escort of the distance is rather close to the scene confirmed that the existing recording devices news dipesawatnya also captures a kind of wire that is sent by Lieutenant Charles Tylor to the base Louderdile Forest, which reads as follows: "Here Lieutenant Commander Charles Tylor ... Can-19 squadron to be heard? Ask answered! Now I know where I was ... I finally know where my position! I was at a height of not less than 2300 feet. But there is something unnatural, No, but I see it is impossible is a natural! Can be heard? Request Answered! Everything in front of me beregrak towards me and blocking me. I am moved by itself ... It can be heard? Ask answered! Speed ​​of 100 miles. The entire compass walk as if controlled anything. Each shows a different direction can be heard? Ask answered ... "Another message that can be caught in a base radar screen shows voice Tylor Louderdile addressed to the SAR team," Do not follow me ... As much as possible do not follow me ... Stay away ... "In another voice message Tylor says," was over ... Do not approach us ... do not be approached ... There's no point at all! They are immigrants from outer space! They ... They are inhabitants of another planet! That's what I see ... I repeat ... It's over ... It could be heard? Ask answered! It's over! "5 Cadys Vincent, a specialist in marine mysterious events, and also the first person to use as the Bermuda Triangle, said that this area (Bermuda Triangle) is a very dangerous area for shipping and aviation. This area is responsible for the loss of not less than 100 aircraft and ships, the victims reached more than 1000 people. Most of these mysterious events occurred in 1945. In any event both aircraft and ships really disappear without a trace, and left no casualties, as happened, for example, on a ship that was hit by waves or plane crashes, which then showed bodies floating. When there is such an event, strangely calm sea in the circumstances and cuacapun very good. Meanwhile, Charles Berlins, Bermuda Triangle author of the book describes at length in his last book, Without a Trace, about the loss of various aircraft and ships, yangdimulai of Rousalie French ship that passes through this area in 1940. The engine is still good and its cargo was not disturbed. But the ship was empty (no berpenumpang or unmanned), and ends with the disappearance of a large cargo ship owned by the United States. Anita, with a cargo of 20,000 tons, on March 23, 1973. Prior to that which in 1972 lost in the region are also a named Hary Silatszcky. The same fate also experienced by a Dutch ship, Herminea, which was discovered by a coast guard who was sailing near the ship. Herminea sailing aimlessly as if near the south coast of England in 1949. This ship was found without a screen, which proves that he is the former hit by the storm. But when the coast guard boarded the ship, it turns out he did not find a penumpangpun. It seems that all passengers had left the ship screen. The strange thing is that the ship has buoys are kept. However, there is no sign that the sailboat was never impaired. All the items are arranged neatly in place, but without passengers and crew. There is also a much more mysterious events associated with the British ship Ilian Austin. In the spring of 1881 the ship sailed the ocean on its way to the port of San Juan at 10 A: "Indeed, this problem had been occurring for a long time, until the fishermen feared to enter the area. A very fear is that the person who examined the place will they catch, when he dared to enter the territory without permission. Q: "Does the permit can be obtained by burning incense?" Ask me A: "Yes, sometimes ..." she replied Q: "How?" Ask me wonder A: "Most of them do the buying and selling with the Devil, and said , "we take refuge to the ruler of this place from all danger-danger '. Just as he had done the people when they are going through the desert and the places that are considered haunted. Alternatively, ships and aircraft through the region brought a psychic who has a pact with the devil. Otherwise, it is likely that aircraft and ships, following its passengers, will they catch. Sometimes they are quite catch his passengers only, to use as research material in the kingdom of Satan, or used as a sacrifice to Satan who is very excited to see the death of humans, especially if at the end of their lives are not in Islam. The sacrifice was typically held the early days of the devil. Q: "But why should seize all planes and ships that?" Ask me not understand A: "The ships and planes were placed in a specific, closed with a certain light to invisible, or surrounded by thousands of demons , exactly the magic that brings a soldier who suddenly threw it in front of you, and you will not be able to see it before they leave. "Q:" I know that you do not want to deliver it to me more. "A:" I will not say more than that, "he said P:" Neither do I'll tell you what I have learned. However, I will convey to the world to share my discovery which has cost over 10,000 dollars. "A:" What's that? "He asked intently New Finland. When he was menganrungi ocean. And many more things that relate well to other mysterious about the Bermuda Triangle mystery and alien, sourced from hundreds of witnesses. 11 Q: "You know something, and I will know something too. In time we will expose everything. "Ships of Light Vehicle and Satan, and not being Space (Alien) I asked him," What do you think about people who say the ship of light that often appears in the ocean, and he was involved in " hijacking "the ships are lost?" A: "What do you mean?" P: "They say that there are extraterrestrials, and they who do the deeds that harm it, in the sense that the Bermuda Triangle is a research center intelligent beings from another planet. What do you think about it? "J:" No, not them. For though I have a flight more than a hundred times to various parts of space, I've never seen extraterrestrial beings. While the Bermuda Triangle, some of his secrets was I to say to you. "Q:" So, you do have more information than you are saying to me, right? "A:" Of course, but it's a secret. "Q:" Is is also a secret for me, after we entered into an agreement for this? Well, let's do a friendship treaty in the name of God. "A:" I swear by God Almighty, that I liked betulbetul based on the religion of Allah. I've never been at home a man so long as I was dirumahmu now. Q: "I also liked you in love as God wills." Creatures Intelligent Besides Jin, Man and the Angel I said to the Muslim Jin, "But somehow I'm sure that there is other intelligent beings other than humans, jinns and angels. But they are on another planet that is not planet earth. "A:" There is nothing wrong, God Almighty know about it. But what dalilmu? "He said 12 P asked:" rational argument that I had in mind, and postulate the Qur'an that I know. "A:" Tell me, teach me what Allah has taught you. "Q:" about them, Allah says, is Allah Who created the seven heavens and the earth as such.

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