Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

Secret tips to stay healthy and smart

In the era of era of competition glabalisasi or required a great passion and motivation to stare at a bright life. Demands of the times that we need each other to make competent, who is strong, smart, intelligent, and kreative, they're the ones who are ready to compete in this new era. Many of the problems we must face and selesaikanuntuk that our brains must always be calm and cope with the problem intelligently. So in this post I want to share tips so we can keep the brain healthy and smart that is

1.Memakan appropriate foods for brain development
For example, foods that contain lots of antioxidants (fruits), omega3 (eggs, fish, etc.). Avoid excessive fats.

2. Exercise the brain
The brain also needs exercise in a way crosswords, recreation and of course various types of other sports.

3.Tidur or plenty of rest
Professor Fotini "states that most human activities in the daytime, so the evening should be used as bedtime. While we were asleep but the brain cells to keep working. If these three things you do, God willing will be spared from the dementia disease

19 komentar:

  1. omg.. recreation is one of exercise brain. thanks a lot for sharing this info.

  2. did you mean how to use whole minded (right and left) gan??
    article yang menarikk....
    salam kenal gan Indo Bisnis Online

  3. artikelnya sangat bermanfaat,, thank you,,,,

  4. Bagus sekali artikelnya, sangat bermanfaat buat saya.
    kunjungi blog saya juga ya,

  5. nice tips...sangat bermanfaat

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